Upkeep Computer Solutions - UCS


Upkeep Computer Solutions is a Professional-Independent MSP for macOS Systems and Cloud Resources in the IT Enterprise.

We provide maintenance/engineering support for you the small to mid-sized business and residential professional through comprehensive tools we trust for macOS Management. We also handle personal care and support for an array of non-warrantied computers, and server systems.

Founded in 2005 with multiple requests from home-based businesses and referrals to small professional business operations in the North Texas region. Began building trust and reliable computer support, maintenance and customer care for software and hardware issues. Trusted proficiency for software, hardware and networking support encompass UCS's scope of professional technical services.

Trusted Vendors

​ Reliable Vendors, Quality Products, Trusted Solutions.

Our Partnerships

Innovative​, Collaborative, Sustainable.

"Providing support for Mac systems in the enterprise, small to mid scaled businesses & residential professionals with critical softw-hardw-cloud solutions"